Kindu Product Catalogue

Explore a selection of Kindu Packing's extensive make-up and cosmetic packaging collection in 3D! Save time and almost effortlessly create a customized piece of packaging with Kindu's 3D models to see how they can be personalized to fit your company's brand.

Kindu Packing offers a variety of eyeliner applicators differing in thickness and shape to achieve the desired liner results whether that be a dramatic cat liner effect or a more subtle, natural look for example.

Kindu Packing offers two distinct cosmetic pens; one for eye-brows and lashes (Duo-end product), and one for nails, both with applicators tailored to deliver high precision and enhancing results.

Kindu Packing's chubby stick pens are available with a soft brush or sponge applicator to meet the desired level of coverage and preferred texture for application.

Kindu Packing produces a comnpact dispensing pump which fits comfortably in hands and delivers a conveniently sized output in one press of the pump.

Kindu Packing's slick compact packs come in ideal sizes to hold eyeshadows, powders, blushers etc. that can be taken anywhere for a quick make-up top-up to keep skin looking fresh and flawless all day long, whatever the environment.

Kindu Packing's tottle containers are simple but elegant and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy brand's preferences.

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