Double-ended lipstick + lipgloss

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    This double-ended lipgloss + lipstick concept by Kindu is making waves in the beauty packaging space. It's a perfect little self-contained piece of kit that allows a brand to offer one shade of lipstick accompanied by a gloss for the sort of perfect, sensual lips sought by contemporary consumers.

    • Cap: ABS;  Stem: PP;  Bottle: PETG;  Collar: ABS;  A-shell/Sleeve: ABS;  Cap: AS; Wiper: LDPE

    • Lipgloss container capacity: 4.5ml

    See also

    Lip gloss with push button cap

    Lip gloss with push button cap

    Kindu's lip gloss (ref: ZH J0422) features a patented push button detail on the collar to open the cap, making the cylindrical bottle stand out from other lip glosses on the market. The PETG bottle offers excellent compatibility with cosmetic formulas and the ABS cap and collar can be decorated to match a lip gloss colour, or metallized, as shown in the model, to ensure that the product really stands from the crowd. Try your own decoration ideas or ask Kindu for inspiration — spraying, hot stamping, silk screening and laser engraving are all techniques offered by Kindu.

    Lipstick with flip-up mirror in cap

    Lipstick with flip-up mirror in cap

    This special lipstick from Kindu features a special surprise when the cap is removed — there is a flip up mirror conveniently fitted inside the cap so that the user can make-up in any location, ensuring luscious rich-coloured lips at all times. The cap, collar and base are all comprised of ABS. Check out this model with both the cap on and off to see how the mirror is revealed! Decoration options are available too - for more information ask Kindu about product ZH-K0128.

    • Frank Robledano Espín
    • 3D Model
    • English
    • Created 24 Jun 2019
    • Modified 25 Jun 2019
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