Kindu's new customizable cardboard cosmetic compacts with FSC certified cardboard

KINDU Packing operates according to international standards 7S management and ISO quality management. It offers a professional packaging service primarily for beauty & cosmetic businesses. Its state-of-the-art design capability together with precision mold tooling quality and advanced decoration technology has made KINDU Packing a well-known name within its professional sector.

The company's primary focus is on plastic accessories and packaging for make-up products, however, recently the company has ventured into a new business sector by offering cosmetic compacts made of FSC certified cardboard, that are both elegant looking and environmentally-friendly.

Kindu's cardboard compacts can be customized according to specific godet requirements, shapes, and layout. With an unlimited printing area, cosmetic companies are able to introduce a wide range of designs and concepts with the cardboard cosmetic compacts.

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