Kindu’s precision tooling for heavy-based cosmetic packaging

KINDU Packing operates a design and development center in Italy capturing the latest trends and visualizing vivid fashion concepts. In addition, it operates its subsidiary companies and production sites in China with efficient management and strict quality standards that are certified with most up-to-date international standards.

The company's exquisite and excellent precision mold tooling skill has gained an outstanding reputation among cosmetic brands for customized projects, as Kindu continues to build lasting business relationships with both national and international brands.

The recent focus for Kindu’s development team has been on heavy-based PETG packaging and the company has created several designs for make-up packaging. With a selection of applicator options available, these components can be used for lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow powder, and much more.

Kindu's heavy-based PETG components are compatible with cosmetic products and can be decorated using a variety of cutting edge decoration techniques for plastic available at Kindu’s printing workshop.

The heavy-based PETG bottles are ideally matched to ABS caps with integrated cosmetic product applicators.

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